Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to enrol in our courses.
  • While many of our courses do not require any prior experience, more technical courses may require appropriate fundamental knowledge in the field of study. Prerequisites will be listed on the course’s ‘Course Details’ page. For example, in our BAS Preparation course, you are required to have prior bookkeeping experience to enrol in the course.
  • We accept students from all walks of life, but we find that individuals who are self-starters and have an inquisitive mentality do best in our classes. We’re certain you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed with our experienced mentors at your side every step of the way.

Fees & Payments

You can pay for enrollment in a course through different payment methods such as credit cards, Paypal or direct cash. We accept all major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

While our Long Courses are qualified for the COVID-19 relief package and we’re offering major discounts on applicable courses, unfortunately, our online short courses do not currently qualify for discounted fees. Please refer to the Government Guidelines for Higher Education Relief Package announced by the Commonwealth Government on 12 April 2020 here: https://www.dese.gov.au/covid-19/higher-education/higher-education-faq

Our Workforce Development for Business division, which provides professional training for companies wanting to upskill their workforce, presently has an excellent offering. Additionally, we provide a discount to businesses that enrol numerous employees. For further information, please contact us using the form below.

Technical Support

Click on Course Login at the top of online.bluelotus.edu.au and log in using your registered email address and password. Make sure you log in using the email you used when purchasing your course with us. Once you’ve logged in, you can access your course by clicking the course title you want to continue.

If you’re having trouble logging in or accessing your course, please contact us via admin@bluelotus.edu.au stating your full name and problem and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you’ve forgotten your BLC LMS login details, you can reset your password by contacting us at admin@bluelotus.edu.au.

Yes, there are a few technical requisites for enrolling in one of our online courses. A majority of courses require:

  • A computer with steady internet connectivity.
  • Some courses may require certain operating system versions on your computer, so check for further information.
  • Microsoft Teams: We utilize Teams as a medium for conversations between students and between students and mentors.

Students will need to have access to Microsoft Teams for the majority of our courses. Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft-developed proprietary commercial communication tool.  It will be used to communicate with your classmates and mentors, as well as to cooperate with them.

Once you log into the BLC LMS system, you will get a link to communicate with your mentors.

If you’re having trouble logging in or accessing Microsoft Teams, please contact us via admin@bluelotus.edu.au stating your full name and problem and we will respond as soon as possible.

Deferral & Withdrawals

All students qualify for course deferrals if the request is filed before the course start date. You can request a deferral at a later date within 12 months of purchasing the course. 

To defer an online course, you must submit a request in your course dashboard, in “Manage your course ” or send an email with comprehensive details about your course, reasons for deferral and send it directly to info@bluelotus.edu.au.

If an online short Course is planned to run at a later date, you may be able to defer it according to the appropriate enrolling process. However, we cannot assure that a course will always be offered at a specific time in the future. If we are unable to postpone your enrollment, it will be considered cancelled.


  • Any assignments you may have completed prior to deferring will not be credited to the Course when you re-enrol.
  • You can only postpone from the current short Course to the next one of the same kind that is available.

If you want to cancel your enrollment in an online short course, you are required to make the cancellation in writing to us. it is required that you notify us within five business days of the course start date to make the cancellation at no cost and receive a full refund.

In the event that you have purchased a package (eg, a collection of online short courses in a bundle), the refund may be restricted to the remaining Courses that have not yet begun, and will be net of any deductions granted at the time of purchase.

Please contact us if you need to cancel your enrollment after the above mentioned cut-off date and would like to request special consideration for a refund. In certain cases, depending on the amount of time that has passed since the course’s start date, or cut-off date, we may only be able to issue a partial refund, and in other cases, we may not be able to issue any refund at all.

BLC will only issue refunds to the original financing source (e.g., credit card) or by other methods authorised by the college.

In instances where your cut-off date has passed (3 or more business days following the start of the course), you may file a special consideration application to cancel or defer your course. 

You must submit a thorough explanation and supporting documentation for Blue Lotus College’s consideration. All paperwork must show unequivocally that you were impacted throughout your course days and following the cut-off day. This request must be made via your course dashboard, under “Manage your course,” or by email to info@bluelotus.edu.au.

Special consideration will be given if:

  • You’ve been either physically or psychologically ill and have an appropriate medical certificate or letter from your medical health expert to verify it.
  • You have caregiver obligations for a sick direct family member and can demonstrate this with a carer’s certification from their medical health expert.
  •  You’ve lost a direct family member, relative or close one and can demonstrate this with a notice of funeral service or death certificate.
  • You have been a casualty of a serious crime and have a police report to prove it.
  • Any other unique event that may be supported by proof.

Privacy Statement

We recognize that your application may contain personally identifiable information. Your information is treated in line with the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria) and any other applicable legislation. Your information is used just to enable a small central team of professionals to make an application judgment. To learn more about our privacy policies, see our Privacy Statement .

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